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Acid reflux can be managed with lifestyle changes and medicine, however when you have symptoms despite medications then an anti-reflux intervention is typically recommended.

GERD symptoms can be broad to include: heartburn, trouble swallowing, painful swallowing, abdominal fullness, abdominal pain, chest pain (often confused for heart attacks!), hoarseness, and chronic cough. GERD is often worsened by the presence of a hiatal hernia


Expect at your initial evaluation: Dr. Isolina will discuss your symptoms, review any previous endoscopy/imaging/work-up and create a treatment pathway individualized to you. She will personally perform any necessary endoscopy, swallow evaluation or imaging studies to identify the exact cause of your concerns.

If an intervention is appropriate, she will explain the surgical and non-surgical pathways. Typically an anti-reflux procedure is recommended. Dr. Isolina performs all current anti-reflux procedures on the market which include: minimally invasive fundoplication (Nissen and Toupet), LINX® Reflux Management System, and Transoral Incisionless Fundoplication (TIF). 



Read more about GERD and the newest anti-reflux procedure here:

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